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Arrest Apest control and exterminate a variety of different bugs and pests. We have included information and prices for some of the more frequent pests we deal with below.

Mice and Rats - from £65.00

Mice and rats need to gnaw constantly as their teeth grow continuously. They both carry diseases which can be fatal to humans including tuberculosis, salmonella,weals disease of which can cause death. The dropping and urine contaminate food preparation areas and food, rodents foul where ever they travel. Rats and mice can breed up to 8 times a year with at least 6-8 offspring each time.

Wasp Control - from £40.00

Wasp Nests are mostly found inside buildings. Should you find wasps inside by a window there is a good chance you have a wasps. They can get through the smallest of holes from outside of buildings. Wasps are dangerous as they can sting you and if you were to have an allergic reaction you could go into anaphylactic shock. Wasps nests can contain up to 10,000 wasps that are loyal to one queen. WASPS NEST REMOVAL is not always possible but WASP TREATMENT IS.

Ants (General Black) - from £40.00

Worker ants 4-5mm. The queen can be as big as 15mm. Queens lay their eggs in spring they are in soil, they can also be in brickwork, Ants are attracted to sweet things sugar etc. Once these foods are found an ant leaves a Pheromone trail from the food to the nest this is why you see trails of ants, Do not destroy the servants as this can help to detect the nest.

Bed Bugs - from £55.00 for first room. Full house price on application

Bed bugs are an oval shape, flat around 6mm long, reddish brown in colour. They mainly feed at nights, Bed bugs can survive without food for at least 12 months. Bed bugs are found around the bed area, they can be transported in suitcases and furniture. These pests may require more than one treatment depending on the size of the infestation

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